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Has Summer vanished?

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

August is upon us and yet again the threat of a long dark winter looms on the horizon, and our thoughts turn to making our homes warm and sung for the run up to the snow and ice that will surely come again.

At Bob The Blindman we are constantly asked about warm blinds, thermal dynamics and other such stuff, but what people really what is to feel comfortable in their own homes and keep the coldness at bay.

Why not try putting blackout linings on Roman Blinds to help keep the warmth i and the cold out?

Also have a look at our great range of blackout roller blinds not only do they keep the sun out in the summer but in the winter they will keep the heat in so use them all the year

Blackout Rollers for any room.

Interior Design, Cups of Tea or just Blinds?

Friday, August 12th, 2011

On some of my many home vists in Shropshire I am often asked for advice on colour, type of blind, position of blind and even if i would like a cup of tea.

Our online store is making great progress and we are selling lots of blinds every week to many different people acroos the whole of the UK and 99 times out of 100 we at Bob The Blindman never speak to you, are never asked any questions and never offered a cup of tea let alone a biscuit!

We know its the future “the Internet thingy” but sometimes its nice for you the customer to know that at the end of your computer and phone line there are some really nice people who will chat to you about blinds, colours, styles and of course labradors. 

   Just call us on 0800 7837001, we cant promise you a cup of tea (its hard to get one down the phone line) but we can promise you some nice people to talk to.