Blinds and Questions

Many customers call us up to discuss blinds and the various options etc for their windows and one theme that comes up all the time is what type of blind should i buy?

In a series of blogs we at Bob the Blindman will try and give you the low down on each blind type and its benefits.

VERTICAL BLINDS what are they and why are they so popular.

Vertical blinds are the most popular blind sold today, primarily because they are very cost effective at covering a large number of  window or a conservatory. Most vertical blinds (certainly those sold by us) are manufactured from top quality components and fabrics and will last long time if treated properly.

Vertiacl Blinds are also the best blind to allow you privacy during the day as they can be rotated to a suitable angle.There are literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from and a myriad of colours. Cream is obviously the most popular but there is a growing demand for bold bright colours.

A vertical blind comprises of a metal head-rail in which are installed carriers that allow you to clip on strips of fabric (polyester normally)called a louvre or slat.

The louvres have a weight in the bottom pocket of each slat and these are joined in series by a plastic chain called a stabilising chain. This chain is there to allow the blinds to stop waving about when they are closed and also to allow them to close together neatly. It is easily replaced if broken. Most louvres are sold in 89mm width but some are available in 127mm.

What is the benefit to choosing either?

Well 89mm looks neater, and you will gain more privacy with the blinds set at an angle. 127mm slats will stack closer together when the blind are opened but to be honest the difference is negligible.

The main benefit to 89mm is that all vertical blind fabrics are available in 89mm but not 127mm.

At one end of the rail (you specify which side) there will be a tilt chain to rotate the louvres through 180 degrees and a cord that allows you to open the blind. There a three bunching options, left, right and split.

The rail can be fitted either into the reveal (top fix) or into the window frame (face fix)

   A bold statement Vertical Blind top fixed. Who says cream is the only colour!

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