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Thursday, March 15th, 2012


Following the recent coverage on daytime TV about the Blinds Safe campaign I thought we should repeat our blog item about free blinds safety devices we launched in June.

We at Bob The Blindman pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best value blinds money can buy both online and via our full choose at home service. Not only do we supply the best quality blinds we also supply the safest.

Since 2006 we have supplied child safety clips on request and since 2010 we have fitted them on every blind unless instructed by the customer NOT to fit them.

On our website we supply them at cost and send the proceeds to the NSPCC  so we are fully committed to making every blind safe. If you are a parent of young children and you have blinds with looped cords or long control cords please consider the small price these clips are for complete peace of mind.

If you need any advice about blinds and cord safety please call us on 0800 7837001 we are always willing to give you honest advice.

Finally heres a special offer for those who read my blog send me an email to bobtheblindman@btconnect.comwith the words “looped cords made safe” and include your name and address and I will send you a FREE safety device. This offer is open to anyone in the UK who reads my blog, is following me on twitter or is  just stumbling about the Internet looking for a nice window blind company to do business with.

Thanks for reading

Bob The Blindman