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Child Safe Blinds by Bob The Blindman

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Child safety has always been paramount at Bob The Blindman from the early days of our business we have consistently offered safety devices to all our customers both at the time of fitting and after the event.

The window blinds industry has looked hard and long at the issue of cords on blinds and have brought in new regulations regarding the fitting of blinds and safety devices.

There has been a lot written in the press about the dangers of looped cords on blinds especially vertical blinds and roller blinds and there are major changes that have been in force since early 2014.

New regulations (BS EN13120) mean that every single window blind has to comply with the relevant regulations.

To ensure every single blind sold, fitted or repaired by Bob the Blindman is child safe we have recently invested heavily in new machinery to manufacture “Safe by Design” blinds that are fully compliant with BS EN 1320. We are a fully certified manufacturer of Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and all other blind types are sourced from fully compliant and certified manufacturers.

Every single safety product design is rigorously tested to ensure its total compliance and all staff are fully trained on installing any safety device

What does “Safe by Design” mean in practice?

Vertical blinds with wand control as standard.

Vertical blinds with cords and chains fitted with compliant cord tidy.

Roller Blinds fitted with control chain easy break device x 2 designed to break out at 7 pounds of pressure.

Roller Blinds fitted with cord tidy fixed securely to wall or window.

Roman Blinds fitted with cord tidy or easy break connectors.

Venetian Blinds fitted with cord consolidators and cord tidy cleat.

But what about my existing blinds?

For a FREE safety check why not give Bob the Blindman a call on 0800 7837001 and we will advise you on what you need to do to ensure the blinds in your home are safe. We will arrange to fit fully compliant safety devices on your existing blinds at a very reasonable cost.

Sunny Days and Sunny Blinds

Friday, May 25th, 2012

It looks like summer has finally arrived in the UK and our blackout blinds are suddenly becoming very popular with those of you who like a lie in in the morning.

Don’t forget the beauty of a blackout blind is that it keeps the heat out as well as the sun so you can use them in all the sunny rooms in your home to help keep cool.

With the Olympics just around the corner we have had an upsurge in demand for blackout blinds in lounges to allow the television to be seen on what should be some very sunny days in the UK.

We have added a new information page to our site for those of you looking for inspiration either divine or from a blindman and our design tips are proving popular, don’t forget though there is no right or wrong way with a window blind. The beauty of a Bob The Blindman is that it is and always will be your blind, your choice and of course your great money saving!

Sunny Weekends

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Isn’t it great to see the sun at the weekend especially on a Sunday Morning when you lift the blindsafter a lie in, that’s if you are lucky enough not to have been woken up earlier by your little ones who seem to wake up at a the first sparrow cough.

If you need a lie in and don’t want to go the expense of using a blackout roller blind why not be bold and dramatic and use a dark plain roller blind such as Acacia Navy or Urban Mink whhich will ensure the room stays darker for longer and you can snooze.

An alternative if you are like me is to get up and take your best friend (my Labrador Topaz) for a really long walk in the sunshine and when you both return have a long late breakfast basking in the sunshine with the sun being gently filtered by a warm rich toned wooden venetian.

When the sun shines you dont have to block it, why not filter it and let the light shine through.

Spring has Sprung

Friday, April 13th, 2012

As the days lengthen and the sun rises in the sky earlier and earlier now is the time to think about an extra few hours in bed each morning. If you have little ones in the house or are expecting the patter of tiny feet why not check out our great range of Blackout Blinds and save money today.

We have boyish blues and hot pinks but don’t forget we have every colour under the sun to stop the sun.

Check out the new Millie Pink its bright and breezy something many of us struggle to be first thing in the morning especially too early.


Thursday, March 15th, 2012


Following the recent coverage on daytime TV about the Blinds Safe campaign I thought we should repeat our blog item about free blinds safety devices we launched in June.

We at Bob The Blindman pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best value blinds money can buy both online and via our full choose at home service. Not only do we supply the best quality blinds we also supply the safest.

Since 2006 we have supplied child safety clips on request and since 2010 we have fitted them on every blind unless instructed by the customer NOT to fit them.

On our website we supply them at cost and send the proceeds to the NSPCC  so we are fully committed to making every blind safe. If you are a parent of young children and you have blinds with looped cords or long control cords please consider the small price these clips are for complete peace of mind.

If you need any advice about blinds and cord safety please call us on 0800 7837001 we are always willing to give you honest advice.

Finally heres a special offer for those who read my blog send me an email to bobtheblindman@btconnect.comwith the words “looped cords made safe” and include your name and address and I will send you a FREE safety device. This offer is open to anyone in the UK who reads my blog, is following me on twitter or is  just stumbling about the Internet looking for a nice window blind company to do business with.

Thanks for reading

Bob The Blindman

Roller Blinds are not just blinds

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

We at Bob The Blindman are different to a lot of online blinds retailers in that we actually have a fully fitted service in Shropshire so we experience first hand what our customers say about our blinds and also more importantly how great they can look.

The much maligned roller blind is a classic example of the good, the bad and the ugly. The poor roller blind has for a very long time been looked on as just something cheap and not necessarily cheerful to fill a space in the bathroom or kitchen.

We at Bob The Blindman think the roller is due an personality change and so take a look at our stunning rollers that just ooze class and style. We have funky blinds, we have happy blinds, we even have totally mad looking blinds but each and everyone of our rollers deserves its place in your home.

Blinds For My Bathroom

Monday, February 20th, 2012

We take many calls about what type of blind would look good in a bathroom and we try and give honest open advice. But in the words of a famous song “A picture paints a thousand words” so to save type and to show not tell here are some great room shots showing just how good a bathroom can be with the right blinds.


Friday, February 10th, 2012

Check out our new range of pleated blinds today, we are busily updating all the range and are introducing some great new colours to bring our fabrics right up to date.

Pleated blinds are great for Conservatories, Lounges and even Bedrooms with the new Mirabel Blackout Fabric especially great for those who want an extra hour or two in bed on the cold winters mornings.

Just like the team at Bob The Blindman, time does not stand still and soon believe it or not it will be spring and then the heat of summer will be upon us. Pleated Blinds offer you the best of both seasons, they will keep your rooms cool in the summer due to the heat reflecting properties and don’t forget these same properties will keep you warm in the winter as the blinds will keep you expensive central heating warmth where in needs to be in the room.

Pleated Blinds dont have to be plain either,check out our superb range of patterns and colours. These new fabrics will bring a touch of glamour and chic to any room.

Blinds for your Bathroom

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Our new range of Wood Expression Blinds have just been added to our website.

Wood Expression Blinds are the new style of Faux Wooden Blinds that give you the very best looking blinds at a lower price than traditional Wooden Venetian Blinds. They are the essence of style with consistent colour and grain.

All colours are available in either 38mm, 50mm or 63mm slat widths

 They offer you style and practicality and their unique wood grain finish just oozes style and beauty.

 These great blinds are suitable for areas in your home where moisture is present such as bathrooms and kitchens.

 They are very easy to wipe clean and will never fade.

 In this age of safety these blinds are even flame retardant so making them the best choice for commercial applications as well as the home.

 The blinds come with the patented ‘easi-lift’ system allowing the user to raise and lower the blinds easily and control the lowering of the blind just as effectively.

 All blinds come with an easy to clip on valance to finish the blind, making the room the view.

 These great new blinds are easy to fit and will transform any room.

 For a limited period only these blinds are offered at a massive saving of 70% on our retail price list so buy today, and remember everything is delivered FREE

Blinds and Questions

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Many customers call us up to discuss blinds and the various options etc for their windows and one theme that comes up all the time is what type of blind should i buy?

In a series of blogs we at Bob the Blindman will try and give you the low down on each blind type and its benefits.

VERTICAL BLINDS what are they and why are they so popular.

Vertical blinds are the most popular blind sold today, primarily because they are very cost effective at covering a large number of  window or a conservatory. Most vertical blinds (certainly those sold by us) are manufactured from top quality components and fabrics and will last long time if treated properly.

Vertiacl Blinds are also the best blind to allow you privacy during the day as they can be rotated to a suitable angle.There are literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from and a myriad of colours. Cream is obviously the most popular but there is a growing demand for bold bright colours.

A vertical blind comprises of a metal head-rail in which are installed carriers that allow you to clip on strips of fabric (polyester normally)called a louvre or slat.

The louvres have a weight in the bottom pocket of each slat and these are joined in series by a plastic chain called a stabilising chain. This chain is there to allow the blinds to stop waving about when they are closed and also to allow them to close together neatly. It is easily replaced if broken. Most louvres are sold in 89mm width but some are available in 127mm.

What is the benefit to choosing either?

Well 89mm looks neater, and you will gain more privacy with the blinds set at an angle. 127mm slats will stack closer together when the blind are opened but to be honest the difference is negligible.

The main benefit to 89mm is that all vertical blind fabrics are available in 89mm but not 127mm.

At one end of the rail (you specify which side) there will be a tilt chain to rotate the louvres through 180 degrees and a cord that allows you to open the blind. There a three bunching options, left, right and split.

The rail can be fitted either into the reveal (top fix) or into the window frame (face fix)

   A bold statement Vertical Blind top fixed. Who says cream is the only colour!